Digital Crowns Are Here!

Good morning Celina. This is Dr. Rouse here again at Open Late Dentistry.  

Two things that go really well together: teeth and a lot of coffee.  

Anyways wanted to talk to you guys today about…  

a little bit more with the digital dentistry. 

Digital crowns

This is a, you know, a crown that we typically make; it is usually done with impressions, a little bit of goop that we put in your mouth here similar to this, and Dr. Rouse (Prosper Orthodontics) is very excited because we have a new machine here that will really change the way that we do dentistry.  

So I’m very excited to be able to offer this to my patients now. 

It’s basically so this is the patient. That’s the same thing that I just showed you, and this is a digital scan of the person’s mouth. 

So the machine actually figures out the proper shade of the tooth right there.  

And then this is the tooth that we started working on, so we can manipulate that, we can design the crown ourself if we want to, and then we can send that to the lab and then they can make a very accurate digital representation for us.  

And send us back beautiful digital crowns, amazing fit on a crown that makes it easy to see it last time, for the patient and everybody’s happy. 

It’s a win-win. 

So if you can come see us, we would love to have a call from in 972 885 96 70 Y’all take care, have a great day or can follow on facebook.

 Bye. Bye. 

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