3D and Digital X-Ray Imaging in Celina, TX

Safe, Low-Radiation Options to Make Dental Surgeries Predictable and Consistent

How Can 3D Digital X-Rays Benefit Me In Dentistry?

However, when our patients are considering any implants, root canals as well as finding out orientation of their teeth for orthodontic treatment in relationship to the nerves or sinuses of their face, nothing is more precious than the information a 3D X-Ray can provide.

Most of us have seen a 2D view of our face at the dentist, known as a Panoramic Dental  X-Ray.

This is very useful for wisdom teeth and seeing your sinuses and nerves from a 2D view. 

A 3D Cone Beam X-Ray can also assess a patient’s airways for restrictions that would prevent our patients from getting optimal sleep and clenching their teeth at night time.

Root canal therapy also benefits from knowing the exact orientation of nerves within the tooth, as some molars can have as many as 5 nerves.

The easiest way to determine exactly where these nerves will be before the procedure, saving vital tooth structure and knowing their orientation, saving on procedure time, is to make the surgery more efficient and predictable, by using 3D imaging to determine what complications or obstacles will come into play BEFORE the procedure is performed. 


Comparisons of Medical Grade CT Scans to Cone Beam 3-D Technology

There are multiple advantages of Cone-Beam Technology (as applies to facial skeletal imaging) compared with medical grade CT scans:

  • Significantly lower dosages of radiation are delivered to the patient by Cone-Beam CT scans.

  • The dosage of radiation received with certain types of Cone-Beam scans is only slightly higher than that obtained with a Panoramic X-Ray film.

Does Insurance coverage for Cone-beam CT imaging exist?

Often times, when patients were sent out for a medical grade CT scan (assuming they were being sent for a dental problem), the costs of the CT scan would NOT be covered by the medical insurance company.

Occasionally, when the diagnosis is deemed to be medically related, a medical insurance company typically does provide insurance coverage for these scans (not including patient co pay).

Most of the scans we obtain, however, are for dental purposes, not medical; hence, medical insurance typically will NOT provide coverage for these scans.

Traditional Panoramic Xray Celina Tx Dr Rouse
Traditional 2D Dental Panoramic X-Ray. BELOW Is Our 3D Dental Digital Imaging.

3D Imaging F.A.Q.'s

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