Fuller-Looking Smiles Using Dental Laser Reshaping

Why Would I Need Gum Contouring?

There are many reasons why you might develop a gummy smile. 

For example, if your teeth didn’t erupt normally, then the gums around them may have become uneven. If your jawbone hasn’t developed properly and evenly, then the gums covering them many not cover your teeth evenly, either. 

In most cases, though, correcting a gummy smile is simple and effective with advanced cosmetic gum contouring

At our office, we utilize the innovative Laser Technology to perform gum contouring more comfortably and with more precise results compared to traditional gum surgery.

Gum Contouring celina tx dr rouse


Traditional gum contouring is performed with a scalpel, which your dentist utilizes to trim away the excessive gums that cover one or more of your teeth. 

While effective, the procedure can be made simpler and more comfortable with the help of our Electrosurge system. 

The technology utilizes specially calibrated electrical currents to remove the excess gum tissues and create a more even and symmetrical gum line. 

Electrosurge produces significantly less discomfort, and in may cases, healing doesn’t require the use of sutures as a scalpel would.

Why Choose Open Late Dentistry and Orthodontics for Gum Contouring/Crown Lengthening?

We Save You MONEY!

By keeping aligners In-House, we pass the savings along to our patients! 

And with transparent pricing (listed below) and multiple financing options, we make it easy to say yes to getting the smile you’ve always dreamed about!

We Save You TIME!

Virtual Consultations (See the Video BELOW for submitting pictures to our office), allow you to submit your case photos and have Dr. Rouse get back to you with an idea of your treatment plan without having to step foot in the office. We make it easy to get your perfect smile!

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Our hospitality will put as big of a smile on your face as your finished smile!

From the moment you start the process, a friendly face will always be there to answer your questions about treatment and guide you through the process of transforming your smile!


We Work With Our 3D Scanner In-House to Design Where Your Finished Gum Line Will End Up


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Big-City Technology

Using 3D Scanning Technology and High-Tech Dental Lasers, We Cut Down on Post-Op Sensitivity and Pain and Give a Faster Healing Result!

Gum Contouring F.A.Q.'s