HOLISTIC Orthodontics / Myofunctional (Tongue Trainer) Therapy

Improving Your Child's sleep and airway with a tongue training device before costly orthodontic treatment

Why Would My Child Need a Tongue Trainer?

Myofunctional Therapy aims to correct improper swallowing habits in young children that crowd their teeth and restrict their airway.

Because a person swallows 500-1000 times a day, improper swallowing can cause a variety of problems.

But it is actually the resting position of the tongue that does the most damage because it is more constant. 

Opening the arch that the teeth sit in early ensures enough room for the tongue and therefore better sleeping patterns and airway.

Correct swallowing depends on a proper relationship between muscles of the face, mouth and throat.

To swallow properly, muscles and nerves in the tongue, cheeks and throat must work together in harmony.

When a person swallows normally, the tip of the tongue presses firmly against the roof of the mouth or hard palate, located slightly behind the front teeth.

The tongue acts in concert with all the other muscles involved in swallowing.

The hard palate, meanwhile, absorbs the force created by the tongue.

This usually starts with an evaluation of oral habits your child has and establishing a relationship with our dentist, Dr. Rouse.

We offer 3D Dental Imaging to monitor your child’s airway and potential benefit from a trainer.

Holistic Orthodontic Tongue Trainer Myofunctional Therapy celina tx texas dr rouse open late dentistry and orthodontics
Open Late Dentistry and Orthodontics has partnered with Myobrace to be able to offer "Orthodontic Trainers" that help our Pediatric Patients learn how to swallow properly.

Is My Child a Candidate For Holistic Orthodontic Tongue Trainer Therapy?

If you answer “YES” to any of the following, please contact us today to find out how these valuable devices can help:

  1. Does your child suck their thumb?
  2. Thrust their tongue when they swallow?
  3. Does your child constantly having their mouth open while doing everyday tasks without knowing it?


Why Choose Open Late Dentistry and Orthodontics for My Holistic Orthodontic Care?

We Save You MONEY!

By using a tongue trainer, patients may save money down the road if orthodontic care is needed!

And with multiple financing options, we make it easy to say yes!

We Save You TIME!

Myofunctional Therapy can shave a lot of treatment time off of braces as the bones of the face are forming, and in some instances eliminate the need for braces altogether if caused by tongue thrust or improper use of facial muscles for aid in swallowing.

By using tongue trainers, Dr. Rouse can help your child save time in orthodontic care, if it is needed down the road.


Our hospitality will put a big  smile on your face, just like the satisfaction of your child breathing and chewing better.

From the moment you start the process, a friendly face will always be there to answer your questions about treatment and guide you through the process!


Have issues along the way? We are right next door, Celina Neighbor!

Holistic Orthodontics F.A.Q.'s

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