Preserving Healthy Teeth and Preventing Spending Time And Money Later

How Do I Prevent Costly Dental Treatment?

Gum Care

Some of the Top Ways You Can Help Prevent Periodontal Care and Save Time and Money with Preventative Dentistry Are:

  1. Coming in for regular dental cleanings – Depending on the treatment plan you come up with when visiting Dr. Rouse, dental prophylaxis cleanings will aid in keeping gingivitis to a minimum.
  2. Electric Toothbrush For Adults and Kids – We are a retailer for BURST Toothbrushes, the most affordable, high-quality toothbrush that is available for adults. Small children also have options from Sonicare Toothbrushes to other brands that realize the importance of using vibration technology to keep plaque off.
  3. Flossing – See the hyperlink for all of the options that exist for you now to floss, from Waterpiks to Superfloss to Glide. Anything that can stimulate the gums and be used daily is better that nothing, even though the gold standard remains traditional floss.
  4. Rinses – Remember the burning sensation of mouthrinse? Colgate and Listerine offer alcohol-free versions that do not dry your mouth out while you sleep. We encourage you to look on the label for active ingredients, as some mouth rinses are only “Breath Freshners” that don’t truly fight plaque and tartar formation.
  5. Oral Cancer Screenings –  At your New Patient Appointment, you will receive yearly screenings for lesions of the soft tissue that may become cancerous.

Tooth Care

Some of the Top Ways You Can Prevent Dental Treatment, Saving You Both Time and Money Are:

  1. Six month Dental X-Rays – With Digital X-Rays, our office exposes patients to roughly 1/10th of previous technology and visiting with Dr. Rouse about the status or updates on any suspicious lesions that were treated with preventive dentistry in the past is well worth it.
  2. Ask for Fluoride Varnish in Deep, Stained Grooves – Dr. Rouse and his team do not like to “Cover Up” already stained grooves with Dental Sealants. However, there is an alternative. With our Fluoride for Life option, patients can get fluoride varnish each time they come to our office and consider a Prescription-Strength Fluoride Toothpaste to take home to do their very best from having deep stained grooves progressing to cavities.
  3. Dental Sealants – We provide dental sealants on primary (baby) teeth, as well as on permanent teeth with grooves are unable to be reached with a toothbrush. can lead to increased time spent in the dental chair and costly dental treatment that could be avoided with a stable bite.

    4. Sleep Apnea Consultation – A Sleep Apnea Consultation is also an evaluation given for patients with obstructed airways. Sleep appliances and at-home testing can save lives by preventing oxygen deprivation at night and muscles in the mouth that continue to shift teeth toward unhealthy positions where they are more prone to fracture.

    5. Ask for an Orthodontic Consult (Virtual or In-Person) for You or Your Child – A major component to restoring teeth comes from an unstable bite. We evaluate all adults for an uneven bite and potential orthodontic care to help make sure that no single tooth is under too much pressure, or load, leading to fractures or broken teeth.

    And children are never left out when it comes to the best, comprehensive care. All children from a young age are evaluated with panoramic x-rays and exams for early Phase 1 Orthodontic care if they are experiencing any one of the eight common orthodontic signs for early orthodontic treatment.

    This leads to less of a chance for full braces later in life and limits the number of surgeries to correct overbites and underbites.

    Our comprehensive array of family dentistry treatments and services are designed to make sure that every member of your family receives the high-quality care that they deserve, regardless of age and specific dental health needs. 

    If you’d like to learn more about our preventive dental treatments and services for the whole family, then click on one of the pages below:

Why Should I Choose Open Late Dentistry and Orthodontics for My Preventative Dentistry?

Saving You MONEY!

Have you ever heard the saying, “An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure”?

“Restorative Dentistry” is REACTIVE Dentistry. If a tooth fails (i.e. Cracks, Chips, Decays, etc.) we fix it. 

Preventative Dentistry is PROACTIVE. It attempts to address the problem before situations arise.

What if you could prevent that before it happens, saving you money?

Open Late Dentistry and Orthodontics in Celina, TX aims to help educate you to make the right decisions in stopping dental concerns BEFORE they arise.

Fluoride-For-Life Pricing (Mention This Promotional Offer at Our Office)

Saving You TIME!

“Restorative Dentistry” takes your time in the dental chair.

Our Goal at Open Late Dentistry and Orthodontics is for you to avoid missed time at school and work for dental treatment if at all possible.

Our All-Under-One-Roof Treatment Options

dental sealants dr rouse celina tx open late dentistry and orthodontics

Routinely cleaning and checking your teeth and oral structures is a vital part of your preventive dental care. Our dentists will perform your exam and cleaning personally, spending plenty of time getting to know you and your unique needs. To improve your hygiene efforts at home, we also offer tongue scrapers and prescription-strength toothpaste with anti-cavity xylitol.

Orthodontic Photo Series Virtual Consult Dr Rouse Celina Dentist Tx Logo

Find out how Clear Orthodontic Trays can straighten your teeth to a more upright position, causing less chipping and cracking from having teeth at improper angles. Click below to find out more!

Porcelain Veneers celina tx dr rouse open late dentistry and orthodontics

 Dental Sealants can be excellent for children AND adults who are having a hard time brushing deep grooves in their teeth. Click below to find out more!

Sleep Apnea 3d Xrays In Celina Tx Dr Rouse Png

Sleep appliances and at-home testing can save lives by preventing oxygen deprivation at night and muscles in the mouth that continue to shift teeth toward unhealthy positions where they are more prone to fracture.

Click below to find out more!

Bruxism TMJ Extraction Dr Rouse Open Late Dentistry and Orthodontics Celina Prosper TX

Whether you chronically grind your teeth, suffer from frequent jaw pain, or both, you shouldn’t ignore your bite disorder. Teeth-grinding (bruxism) and jaw pain (TMJ disorder) are common bite conditions that we can often treat with the help of a custom-designed oral appliance. Avoid severe tooth damage and discomfort by seeking bruxism & TMJ treatment as soon as possible.

Oral Cancer Screenings


At Open Late Dentistry and Orthodontics, all Adults are screening to ensure there are no lesions on the soft tissue. To find out more, click below.