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We make the process of getting a bite that will prevent dental work down the road easy and offer transparent financial options and evening hours for consultations

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“Many of my patients are looking for an affordable way to get the self-confidence they want to be able to have a smile they are proud of. We now have an option that works for us to have hands-on control of the design process and gives the patients the results they are after in the shortest amount of time.” – Dr. Rouse

Dr Rouse Invisalign Alternative Clear Orthodontic Trays Celina TX Prosper Frisco Gunter

Using Clear Orthodontic Trays that are made from the latest technology in materials, Dr. Rouse and the Open Late Dentistry and Orthodontics Team work with you to design the smile you always dreamed of having

Let’s face it. You want to get your teeth straight, but fitting it into your schedule can be hard.


Let us help! Friendly staff. Good music. TV’s in every room. The latest tech to make dental care easy. We strive to make things simple and have your whole family happy they chose us for your dental care.

We can’t help unless you reach out to us! Please email us at any time of day. We will respond with an example video with the pics we need and any additional info. Email us those photos and we can find out which solution is right and get you started. 

Why Not D.I.Y. Mail-Order?

Self Dental Impressions Celina Prosper Open Late Dentistry And Orthodontics Dr Rouse

#1…Taking Your Own Impressions is Hard

Unlike the exact representation of your teeth from our 3D Digital Scan, Orthodontic Trays made from at-home impressions have a “fudge-factor” built in. This leads to inaccuracy from materials and mistakes from self-care. 

D.I.Y. manufacturer either fabricate trays or have you retake the impressions a second time, leading to longer treatment times.

My Trays Do Not Fit Mail Order Trays Celina Prosper Open Late Dentistry And Orthodontics Dr Rouse

#2 With D.I.Y. Trays, Sometimes the First Aligner Set Fits, and the Rest Don’t

The remaining trays that are calculated at the same time are based on your initial attempt at impressing your own teeth. Extrapolating on the errors you made, 2-3 trays may work and then future trays may not. This leads to a disheartened feeling that it is clear orthodontic trays that don’t do the job, when in reality it is user-error.

Root resorption celina prosper open late dentistry and orthodontics dr rouse mail order trays

#3…Root Resorption

Your roots stabilize your teeth in your jaw bone. Without consulting all the proper x-rays and photographs a professional would take, along with a proper exam of your gums, D.I.Y. Trays can leave you at increased risk for mobile (wiggly) teeth.

 A straight but wiggly smile is NOT what YOU are after!

Clear Orthodontic Trays Celina TX Dr Rouse Open Late Dentist and Orthodontist Orthodontics
Our Clear Orthodontic Trays Are The Alternative You’ve Been Waiting For to Straighten Your Smile

Why Choose Us?

Being rated as one of the Best Dentists in Celina by Yelp and #1-Rated in Orthodontics by Yelp, Patients can trust that they are receiving the highest ethical and conservative dental treatment in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Our Transparent Pricing Makes It Easy to Get Started!

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We Save You TIME with Virtual Consultations!

From Virtual Consultations (See the Video BELOW for submitting pictures to our office), Dentist-Directed Treatment Planning and Curbside Pickup Your Trays, We Are Always Looking for Ways to Save You Time!

We are Open Late until 7 P.M. and on Weekends (Saturdays) to fit dentistry into you and your family’s busy lifestyle

So you just got your Clear Trays? Let’s Get Started!

Step 1: Use Your “Chewies” Every Night for 20 Min

Chewies Help Remove the “Air-Gap” Between the Tray and Your Teeth To Allow For Better Seating of Your Aligner

Dr Rouse Open Late Dentistry Orthodontics Clear Trays Aligners Celina Tx
Our Team Looks For When You Are Ready For Your Next Aligner With Our Virtual Tracking. Trays Appear Like The One on the Right For the First Few Days After a New Tray is Started.

Step 2: Make Sure You Are Tracking Properly Along With Virtual Tracking

Call our office any time if you feel like you are not tracking with your aligners. We are more than happy to do a complimentary Progress Scan at our office.

Reminder App Trays Celina Prosper Frisco Mckinney Tx Open Late Orthodontics Dr Rouse

Step 3: Change Your Trays

We highly recommend using TrayMinder.

This app reminds you when to change trays (if you are tracking properly) or you can contact our office at any time. 

Ask a team member to help you get started if you need help after seeing the tutorial below!

Attachments Celina Prosper Tx Open Late Orthodontics Dr Rouse
Attachments Are Similar to Handlebars on a Bicycle – They Help Grad Ahold of a Tooth to Rotate It Into Place. We Place These On the Day You Come in For Your Tray Delivery

What are Attachments?



Don’t Forget To Wear Retainers Every Night

We Offer a “Retainers for Life” Program due to the fact the average person goes through 7 sets of retainers in their life if they are constantly wearing them.

While your aligners are worn for 10-14 days, Retainers are close to the same material and are expected by the average patient to last years. This is NOT always the case.

White Spot Decalcifications Orthodontics Dr Rouse Open Late Dentistry Prosper Celina Frisco Mckinney

White Spot Lesions/Decalcifications

If you experience white spot lesions after braces or Clear Orthodontic Trays, we offer solutions to help!


We are a family dentist located in Celina, Texas (TX), serving patients of all ages from Prosper, Gunter, Aubrey, Frisco, Anna, and the surrounding areas. 

Book online or call us at (972) 885-9670. We look forward to hearing from you!