Natural, Life-Like Composite and Lab-Made Dental Fillings Hand Crafted to Restore Your Tooth Before It Breaks

Before And After Cavity Tooth Colored Filling Celina Texas Tx Dr Rouse
Before and After Actual Patient With Cavity From Not Flossing of Dr. Rouse. Note: Blue Marks Show Heavy Bite With Too Much Pressure on the Tooth.

Why Do I Need a Tooth Colored Filling?

Cavities are bound to happen on teeth with deep grooves or lack of proper oral health care at some point in life. 

Whether it is genetics, lack of salivary flow, dietary changes throughout life, lack of protective sealants or long periods between dental hygiene cleanings, cavities happen.

Most dental situations with these cavities simply require removing the decay and filling in the removed area. 

In prior decades, dentists would fill your tooth with an amalgamation of different metals. These are lovingly referred to as “Silver Fillings”, however, almost all contain Mercury and other toxins.

At Open Late Dentistry, we believe in using only the latest in technology and the highest standard of care, and only place esthetic, tooth-colored composite fillings or ceramic, lab-made, fillings. 

These are more natural looking, life-like and will resemble the tooth, while remaining strong. 

These materials are safer and most importantly look much more natural when you are having a conversation with others.



Affordable Tooth Colored Fillings Celina Texas Tx Dr Rouse
At Open Late Dentistry, We Believe Catching a Cavity When It Is Small in The Enamel Is Much More Conservative for the Tooth and Financially Than Avoiding It Until It Reaches The Nerve or A Dental Implant is Indicated

The Top Reasons For Tooth Colored Fillings Over Silver Fillings Are Easy to See!

  • Safety and aesthetics: Tooth-colored dental filling are much more natural looking.

This imparts a lot of confidence to the person who undergoes this form of dental filling.

Tooth-colored composite fillings also do not contain mercury or other metals which may cause sensitivity or toxic effects.

Amalgam fillings are highly notorious for their toxic effects.

Several patients who undergo amalgam dental fillings have metal sensitivities.

This causes a metal taste to sustain in the tongue after the filling is done.

However, tooth-colored composite fillings are free of such complications.

  • Durability: Previously composite fillings were not as durable as amalgam fillings.

    However, after tremendous research dental manufactures have arrived with composite resin materials which are highly durable.

    Presently composite fillings are being used even for molars.

    One more added highlight is that composite materials require very less tooth preparation. It does not affect tooth badly like amalgam fillings.

    Amalgam fillings also demand extra time for more extensive tooth preparation.

  • Tooth shaping: When using tooth-colored composite fillings, a minimum amount of tooth structure needs to be removed.

    This is because composites can be placed on the tooth much more conveniently compared to amalgams.

Tooth Colored Filling F.A.Q.'s