Clear Aligners That Saves Time and Money!

Treatment with Clear Aligners: Pictures Tell a Story to the Patient

Most patients in my practice are concerned with two things when it comes to straightening their teeth: time and money. We have a straight-forward approach at our office and I love to use analogies. We take a scan of each patient’s bite using the 3M Trios Intraoral Scanner, so I can visually show them exactly which side they are hitting on first (See below). I tell patients that instead of just replacing tires on their truck (I’m in Texas :-), it would be nice if we could do an alignment as well to help relieve the problem, not just fix the consequence (breaking a tooth).

Here is a scan of teeth similar to a “Doppler” Weather Forecasting
showing the heavist areas of the bite in red

It usually clicks with most patients, that maybe straightening their teeth isn’t just for looks or that a straighter smile might also have health benefits. I commonly get the remark that a patient is too old to start thinking their bite. It couldn’t be further from the truth when adults have”rebound” of their teeth after a first round of braces, or from never addressing those needs as a child due to life circumstances. A large reason is also a lack of an explanation to the patient on how it could save them time and money down the road. The second excuse I get is age. However, I have many patients in their 90’s and aren’t “kicking the bucket” anytime soon so adults should see the benefit of orthodontics even after your kids have grown up and left the house 🙂

intraoral scanner
Using the intraoral scanner, it is easy to guage the patient’s current bite and SHOW them instead of tell them what their predicted outcome will be

We then explain that traditional orthodontics was practiced by “Round-Tripping” the bite. This means moving all of the teeth out, and then bringing them back into a “U-Shaped” arch. This has led to excessively long treatment times. By doing aligners “in-house”, I have been able to correct bites and fix smiles while reducing time. And by not paying hefty fees to large brand-name companies that provide essentially the same result, I have been able to pass along the savings to my patients. It is a win-win for everyone.

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