What can a dental implant do for me? Let’s find out


Hey everybody! Dr. Rouse here talking to you today about implants and the reason for getting an implant done. In the future, we’ll talk about the different parts of an implant and a little bit more about the procedure but today I just wanted to talk to you about why would you want to fill that space so I’ve had quite a few patients who have had a space in their mouth for years maybe even decades and these are some of the things that I’ve seen done here in this picture. I think this illustrates it really well or maybe just recently where they’re having a tooth that needs to be pulled or it just was pulled recently and i’m trying to talk to them about what can potentially happen so the main thing that you’ll notice from this picture is there’s no um partner tooth for that uh that upper one right there that has the red arrow so if you have a space you really need two teeth to be able to chew and why does this matter if you are missing one tooth on either side of your mouth you’re essentially missing four teeth to be able to chew with right because you really need a partner tooth so um if you have an upper tooth and it has no lower tooth to chew with then what happens is that top tooth can you know droop down or fall down.

I guess you might want to say in layman’s terms the tooth behind it can tip forward to try to fill that space and then you can have other teeth that break so neighboring teeth or sometimes front teeth for certain people it becomes a real slippery slope when you’re missing a back tooth and then you break off part of a tooth on the other side of your mouth and then you think you’re just going to rock it with with the teeth that you have left and before you know it you are home for the holidays and that is the one day that everybody wants to get a hold of me and i’m usually somewhere else and so in order to avoid that as soon as you can with a missing space consider getting something done to fill it before you start asking your other teeth in the mouth to to do more work than it needs to and then main analogy that i use is a football team.

So if you have you know an 11-man football team and you’re asking one of the uh you know you’re running back to catch a pass or you’re asking your wide receiver to start throwing the football like a quarterback would it just wouldn’t work so you don’t want to go out and play another team with less than the number of players that you’re allowed to have right so why would you want to do that when you’re chewing food you would not want to go out and continue to eat and eat meat and have uh fewer than 28 teeth ideally to be able to do that with right so a lot of times we are able to get out wisdom teeth due to crowding and stuff but that first molar the one that’s in the picture uh with the dotted lines that is the first tooth for people to have root canal filled crowned uh and usually the most common tooth to get an implant uh the other most common ones that we see are you know typical teenagers somebody falling and hitting their front two teeth um or you know just a front tooth car accident anything like that and needing an immediate implant right there so the ones in the back teeth sometimes get neglected uh because people go i can live without that but um ideally.

Please give us a call as soon as possible we do consults for implants um we can talk to you all about financing and pricing and stuff um sometimes you know we we might do a virtual consult here or there but ideally it’s nice for you to be able to come in so we can get a really good x-ray find out um how much bone you have to work with and stuff like that so please give us a call 972-885-96 we look forward to hearing from you soon y’all take care have a great day!

What can a dental implant do for me? Let's find out

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