What are orthodontic attachments or buttons?

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What are attachments or buttons when it comes to getting my teeth straightened?

We wanted to just do a little series here of videos on aligners, and a couple of the main questions that I get at least about some of the technical aspects of doing clear aligner therapy, similar to Invisalign or any of the do-it-yourself companies that will send you aligners to try to do at home. 

orthodontic attachments

We really believe in helping our patients get the desired results, and making sure that you’re educated about the process of Orthodontics, as well. So something that you get when you’re doing aligner therapy along with us, is the ability to place attachments on your teeth. 

If you do any rock climbing indoors you have probably heard of the term handholds. They are little pictures that are attached to the wall to help you climb and grab a hold in order to go farther. It is very similar in terms of orthodontics. We are looking to place handles on the teeth so that when the trays are pushed down teeth are forced to rotate or move the way that we would want them to in order to get a straighter smile. So if you are climbing up a rock wall, you’re going to want something to grab ahold of and essentially that’s the same thing that your aligner is doing whenever we are seeding it. So when we give you your aligners to take home, and you’re trying to get them to go all the way down; they need something to grip a hold of okay, and the other thing that we would want is a little handle or a handhold for your tooth to rotate. If you want to take a tooth and you want to turn it. It’s nice to have something to grab a hold of. So I wanted to show you guys a quick picture of what they look like in person, and then sort of what it looks like on the software when we’re designing something for you from our end. 

So that you can see when you get a treatment plan from us and sort of what your end result is going to look like that they look quite different when they’re on the software than they do in person. So let’s go to this next slide here. So these believe it or not, whether you can see them or not. They are on the teeth. 

So one of the visits that you will see me for, is to place the attachments. This is done in our office, can’t be done by you, has to be done by professional and they’re going exact places. 

So we know exactly where we’re going to put them and from the beginning we know where we want your teeth to end up. 

So we place those in very precise locations and then if anything happens to one of those; it’s your responsibility to let us know. Hey something fell off or I was eating something and one of my attachments got lost or something cuz we need to put that back on there. Otherwise, you will not do what I’m going to refer to in all the rest of these videos which is track properly. So you will not track properly and finish the case in the time that you want it to finish. 

Or that we project, if you don’t have your attachments on the entire time, okay. 

The next picture I want to show you was, this is sort of what they look like in the software. 

So the reason I want to do that is they have different. 

Let me see if I can zoom in a little bit. 


Yep, perfect. So they have, we have horizontal attachments. 

We have ones that are vertical, we have different shapes and sizes all in the ability to get the tooth to move the way that we want it to. Okay. So and again they are like little handles that help move the teeth. 

So if you have any questions about any further technical part, we probably have to do that in person. 

If you could give us a call. 

9728859670 I’d love to discuss this stuff, but I didn’t want to get too in-depth. 

It’s just most important that you understand that, especially, when we put these on they’re for your benefit. 

And they really are necessary to make sure that the trace seats all the way, and it makes it sort of a no-brainer and then in terms of some of these smaller ones that you see on the presentation. It makes it possible for us to do impossible things. 

That were not possible, to me possible, years ago. 

All we knew how to do is just tip teeth. And now we can rotate them. We can have teeth that are typically in cross bite, help jump that. It’s pretty amazing stuff actually, which I get really into. 

If you are not so into the details, you could still give us a call. We would love to just walk you through the process, and talk to you a little bit about, you know, how you can go from having a smile that, you know, you may not have been proud of before to something that with just wearing these clear trays, and little clear buttons or attachments on your teeth, will really transform the way that you look at yourself and have you smiling a lot more and everything. So we do send out these flyers. 

I’m extending this to anybody watching this presentation right down there, in the bottom right where it says free orthodontic consultation

Please give us a call. 

There’s no cost. You can come in and we can talk to you about estimated length of time. 

What the cost would be like, answer any of your questions, and we take you know a series of pictures and try to make sure that you’re educated and see exactly what it would take to get the smile that you’ve always wanted. 

You can also email us contact at openlatedentistry.com

Which should be there at the bottom right. And then also our phone number which I did already mention but it’s 9728859670 And right now we are having a special, it’s a thousand off of clear aligners

So if you want to please give us a call, and we will find a way to make it work if finances, or your questions, or concerns, or anything you’ve thought of in the past. I have a lot of adults that just say “hey braces are not for me” but will make you a believer. If you give us a call. It’s not just about looks, a lot of it is about how you’re wearing your teeth. If you’ve had a lot of crowns, bridges, lost teeth just due to; I was eating something and part of my tooth broke off. There’s a good chance. You just need your bite aligned. 

So similar to, you know, my truck if I take it in sometimes they need to do an alignment. 

It’s very similar with your bite. So give us a call and I’ll really look forward to speaking to everybody here. 

Again, it’s Open Late Dentistry and Orthodontics. We’re in Celina. We’re located in Celina, but we are getting some people up from the Prosperity. So we really really continue to encourage that everybody in the area has been fantastic. So we look forward to meeting more of neighbors, y’all take care. Have a great day. It’s beautiful weather out here. So, you know, we’re just enjoying it, summertime in Texas, so it’s hot, but give us a call, please. Take care. 

Here’s the video!

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