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Why Whiten My Teeth?

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In a recent 2020 article, one of the leading causes of “Zoom Anxiety” or video conferencing self-confidence issues when working from home, is not appearing to be “photogenic”. 

Along with your busy social lives and coworkers seeing your smile day in and day out, your self-confidence can be greatly affected by how you appear when you smile. 

Yellow or Grey teeth can give off the appearance that you are unhealthy or not keeping up with your oral health, even if you are brushing and flossing properly and have healthy gums. 

The truth is our teeth go through years of stain from the foods we eat and drink, which contain dyes and acids that cause external stains and sometimes much deeper staining to the very core of the tooth structure.

Some discoloration can be genetic. Antibiotics taken by a soon-to-be mother can affect the developing child’s mouth. Diseases can also affect the way our teeth appear.

Acid Reflux affects many Americans who struggle throughout the night with acid that essentially contacts with tooth structure and causes discoloration, as a byproduct.

Over the counter options like Whitening Tooth Pastes and Bleaching Pens are readily used, but do not produce the results that patients are searching for, with a significant rate of “rebound” or “regression”. This is when your teeth bleach for a few days, but go back to their previous color within a week or more.

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KOR Whitening Is the ONLY In-Office Solution That Has Been Known to Reverse Tetracycline Staining


 Professional teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments available at our office.

Having options that are at every price point and different methods and strengths, we can custom-tailor the perfect solution for you. 

(1-2 Shades in an At-Home Kit)

Proceeds from our office go to helping feed the homeless in Dallas!

Proceeds from GLO kits and electric toothbrushes go to feeding our homeless here in Dallas

(Multiple Shades In One Visit at Our Office)

KoR Max Whitening

Safety First: We Use a Barrier on All Patients, to Make Sure Your Gums Are Protected

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