Stop Slipping and Sliding With Natural-Looking, Clip-In Dentures, or Permanently Placed Teeth

Why Would I Consider Implant-Supported Dentures Over Traditionally-Made Dentures?

Slipping Sliding Denture Replacement Clip In Celina Tx Dr Rouse Prosper Gunter
Customized Implant-Supported Dentures Help Prevent Traditional Dentures From Slipping and Sliding

“I Wish I Would Have Done This Sooner…”

Some of the Top Reasons to Consider an All-On-4 Implant Supported Denture Are:

  1. A Clipped-In Denture – Your Implant-Supported Denture means less fuss. This lets you focus on more important things, knowing your denture is secure.

  2. Chewing Stability – Increased support means increased chewing ability. This lets you enjoy food that you may have been worried about in the past with traditional dentures.

  3. Preventing upper traditional denture from falling out when smiling – Traditionally, your upper denture is held in with suction. As time progresses with bone loss, the adhesive that holds your denture is not enough and relines are necessary. With implant-supported dentures, that is a thing of the past. 

  4. Preventing lower traditional denture from falling out during eating – As you lose bone after lower teeth are removed, lower dentures become less stable. And wish so many strong muscles in the floor of your mouth, lower dentures tend to tip out quite easily.

  5. Better Functioning Denture With Less Bone Loss – If implants are placed at the time of extraction, less bone loss occurs. This saves the vital biological materials your body needs to support a denture.

  6. Have a difficult time tasting food due to too much plastic from the denture across the roof of their mouth – A U-Shaped Hybrid can allow you to enjoy your food and better phonetics with the roof of your mouth.

With the invention of implants and now with the use of surgical guides and planned placement through 3D Cone Beam Imaging and 3D Printed Surgical Stents, implant supported dentures are becoming more predictable and affordable than ever at preventing slipping and sliding dentures.

Why Should I Get My Implant-Supported Denture/Hybrid From Open Late Dentistry?

ALL 4 ON 4 Implant Placement in Prosper, Gunter, Celina Dr. Rouse
After Your Implant-Supported Denture is Settled, Some Patients Opt to go "All the Way" for an All-On-4 Implant Supported Hybrid Tooth Replacement Solution, Made From "Porcelain-Like" Zirconia

If you answer “YES!” to any of the following, please fill out the 60- Second Implant Questionnaire Above and Call Us:

  1. Are you tired of having a denture that won’t stay in place because it is slipping while you are trying to eat?

  2. When you smile is it hard to keep your teeth in place?

  3. Have you had your existing denture relined multiple times, just to have it continue slipping?
  4. Has your dentist recommended retraining your muscles of your face or other alternatives to help you manage your dentures staying in and you feel out of options?

Why Should I Choose Open Late Dentistry?


We Save You MONEY!


From Virtual Consultations (See the Video BELOW for submitting pictures to our office) and Dentist-Directed Treatment Planning We Are Always Looking for Ways to Save You Time!

We are Open Late until 7 P.M. and on Weekends (Saturdays) to fit dentistry into you and your family’s busy lifestyle



We work with our Dental Lab using our 3D Scanner In-House to take your bite into consideration when considering where your teeth will end up so you can potentially avoid costly dental repairs after treatment is complete.

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See What Open Late Dentistry Patients Are Saying About Why We Are The Choice For Them When It Comes To Their Dental Care!

Implant-Supported Denture Vs. Implant-Supported Hybrid?


Prettau ZirconiaThe Dental Implants are the foundation for both types of restorations. 

The 4 Main Differences Are:

Strength: Zirconia is much stronger and life-like. While some teeth may chip over time, they are less prone to fracture like Acrylic Clip-In Dentures.

Longevity: Zirconia Hybrids are Screwed in and designed to last while chewing and talking for years of daily wear-and-tear.

Removable Vs. Non-Removable: Our Goal is to get patients that can adequately clean their gums to transition to the Fixed Hybrid that is screwed in the mouth and does not come out at night or times of non-use.
Appearance: Acrylic Stains easier and is not as polished over time, looking artificial. Zirconia can be polished to look like dental crowns.



Implant Supported Dentures F.A.Q.'s

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