Making Room for Adult Teeth to Prevent Surgeries Later On

Why Would My Child Need Phase 1 Orthodontics?

The 9 Common Problems to Look for in 6 to 8-Year-Old Children (Reasons For Phase 1 Consultations) which Include: Excessive Spacing, Crowding, Open Bite, Overbite (or Deep Bite), Crossbite, Crossbite, Underbite, Overject and Abnormal Eruption

The Top 9 Reasons to Consider Phase 1 Orthodontics For Your Child Are:

  1. Prevent Extractions or Jaw Surgery as an Adult – Orthodontics involves movement of not only teeth, but the Upper and Lower Jaws. In children, expanding the jaws to proper size and bringing the jaws into proper alignment is crucial and most surgeries for orthodontics may be avoided.

  2. May Shorten Your Child’s Time in Braces Later On – We offer “holding appliances” at the end of Phase 1 to keep your child’s teeth stable as the rest of their teeth erupt. If necessary, Phase 2 Orthodontics is shortened dramatically by having had Phase 1 Therapy.

  3. Decrease Risk of Your Child Chipping Teeth in the Future – By Moving the Lower Jaw into Proper Position with the Upper Jaw, we lessen the chance of you child chipping their front teeth.

  4. Helping to Prevent TMJ Disorder Later On in Your Child’s Adult Life – by preventing a childhood crossbite, we can dramatically lessen the need for TMJ care later on.

  5. Preventing Abnormal Tooth Wear in Your Child’s Adult Life – by addressing teeth that are in the incorrect position, we can help ensure they destroy fewer teeth as they grow and put more stress on adult teeth.

  6. Correcting an Overbite – If your child’s lower jaw is set too far back, then Phase 1 Orthodontic Therapy Can Bring the Lower Jaw forward and open the airway by allowing more room for your child’s tongue to have space to move.

  7. Correct Your Child’s Harmful Oral Habits – Thumb sucking or tongue thrusting causing an Open Bite can be addressed early on with appliance therapy to get your child swallowing correctly and having a better night’s sleep.

  8. Correct Excessive Spacing/Gaps in Your Child’s Smile – Large diastemas, or gaps, can sometimes be addressed at an early age and help with your child’s lip posture.

  9. If Your Child is Experiencing Tooth Crowding – It is crucial in children that require extractions due to adult teeth erupting behind baby teeth, that jaw size be evaluated and treated properly.

Braces for kids phase 1 orthodontics Celina Gunter Prosper TX Dr. Rouse Open Late Dentistry and Orthodontics
Phase 1 Orthodontics Celina Prosper TX Dr Rouse

How Do Phase 1 Orthodontic Appliances From Open Late Orthodontics Work?

Phase 1 Appliances Orthodontics Dr Rouse Open Late Dentistry Prosper Celina Frisco Mckinney
Our Phase 1 Appliances Contain Small Adjustable Screws That Are Loosened Periodically to Create More Space for Future Adult Teeth As Your Child Grows

Does My Child Need Phase 1 Orthodontics?

Phase 1 Impacted Canines Orthodontics Dr Rouse Open Late Dentistry Prosper Celina Frisco Mckinney
We usse Digital X-Rays to help locate Your Child's Adult Teeth and see if they are Impacted, or sideways from coming in so we can intervene, if necessary, to help make room for them (see this X-Ray as an example of the Upper Canine that is almost completely sideways)

What Are Those Springs On My Child's Teeth?

Phase 1 Open Coil Spring Orthodontics Dr Rouse Open Late Dentistry Prosper Celina Frisco Mckinney
The Coil Spring is Used to Keep Your Child's Front 4 Teeth Together and the Molars Back to Help Allow for Room for the Canines and Adult Premolars to Come In (Picture Courtesy of Dr. Eliades)

How Does My Child's Thumb Sucking Affect Their Teeth?

Phase 1 Thumb Sucking Orthodontics Dr Rouse Open Late Dentistry Prosper Celina Frisco Mckinney
If Your Child is "Reverse Swallowing" (as Shown in the Above Picture) or Has a History of Thumb-Sucking, an Appliance May Be Necessary (We Make Several) to Help Correct This Habit so Teeth Do Not Go Back After Phase 1 Therapy is Complete

Can Phase 1 Orthodontics Help With My Child's Thumb Sucking?

Phase 1 Thumb Sucking Appliance Orthodontics Dr Rouse Open Late Dentistry Prosper Celina Frisco Mckinney
Thumb Sucking Appliance Example

Why Choose Open Late for Orthodontics?


Being rated as one of the Best Dentists in Celina by Yelp and #1-Rated in Orthodontics by Yelp, Patients can trust that they are receiving the highest ethical and conservative dental treatment in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

We Save You MONEY!

With transparent pricing and multiple financing options after applying Orthodontic Benefits, we make it easy to say “YES!” to getting the smile you’ve always dreamed about for your child!


We Save You TIME!

We are Open Late until 7 P.M. and on Weekends (Saturdays) to fit dentistry into you and your family’s busy lifestyle

We Equip Each of Our Treatment Room With Barn Doors to Help Keep You Socially Distanced during COVID-19

Our hospitality will put as big of a smile on your face as your finished orthodontic result.

From the moment you start the process, a friendly face will always be there to answer your questions about treatment and guide you through the process of transforming your smile! 

Why Does My Child Have a Gap In Between Their Front Teeth?

Do Not Panic...This is a Normal Part of the Process! A Gap Appears for a Period of Time While the Teeth are Moved Apart to Create a Bigger Arch for Future Adult Teeth in the Back of the Mouth. The Gap (called a Diastema) is CLOSED After the Expander Has Done Its Job.

Phase 1 Appliance Example Dr Rouse Celina Tx Dentist
Our Phase 1 Expanders Create Room For Your Child's Adult Teeth And Save Time in Braces Later On

Phase 1 Retainers: Keeping Teeth In Place After Phase 1

PERMANENT Retainers: Set It and Forget It

Phase 1 Permanent Upper Retainer Orthodontics Dr Rouse Open Late Dentistry Prosper Celina Frisco Mckinney
Upper Permanent Retainer Example
Phase 1 Permanent Retainers Orthodontics Dr Rouse Open Late Dentistry Prosper Celina Frisco Mckinney
Lower Permanent Retainer

What is the Celina 7&UP Kids' Club?

7&UP Celina TX Kids Club Dr. Rouse Open Late Dentistry and Orthodontics Phase 1 Braces
Our 7&Up Kids Club in Celina Makes Kiddos Excited About Tracking the Progress of Getting Their Adult Teeth!

Club Perks


  • Free monitoring of growth and development to help time when and if treatment is needed
  • Free initial examination

  • Participate in Our Rewards

  • Participation in Our Quarterly Raffle
  • Free Open Late Dentistry and Orthodontics T-Shirt
Open Late Dentistry And Orthodontics T Shirts Dr Rouse Celina Tx
Our Open Late Dentistry and Orthodontics T-Shirts Really Stand Out!

7 Reasons to Join the Celina 7&UP Kids' Club

  1. Identify Missing or Extra Teeth
  2. Habit Correction

  3. Tooth Eruptance Guidance

  4. Correct Jaw Growth Abnormalities

  5. Create Room For Crowded Teeth

  6. Improve Self-Esteem
  7. Prevent Damage to Teeth and Gums

Phase 1 Orthodontic F.A.Q.'s

If you are interested in having your child evaluated for Phase 1 treatment of braces or want to find out what it can do for you, we are a family dentist located in Celina, Texas (TX), serving patients of all ages from Prosper, Gunter, Aubrey, Frisco, Anna, and the surrounding areas.

Call us at (972) 885-9670. We look forward to hearing from you!