Dr. Rouse virtually plans your dental implant surgery while you are sipping your morning coffee. This makes the day of surgery a smooth transition.

Let’s face it. You want to keep your teeth looking their best, but fitting it into your schedule can be hard.

Let us help! Friendly staff. Good music. TVs. Awesome toys for the kids. 3D X-Rays to help plan your future dental implant site a cinch. We strive to make things simple and have your whole family happy they chose us for your dental care.

What is a Dental Implant?

Dental Implants are 3 parts. A life-like tooth colored crown is connected to the implant below the gums with an internal connector called an abutment that permanently fixes the two together. They can be flossed and fit in with your life style and help with having a full smile and chewing meals.

Dental Implant Abutment Crown Celina Tx Dr Rouse Open Late Dentistry And Orthodontics

Why Choose Us? We are a name you can trust!

Why get a Dental Implant?

1. The Tooth Behind the Space Tips Over
2. The Tooth Above the Space Drops Down, or Sinks 
3. The Bone Where the Tooth Was Removed “Melts” Away
4. Remaining Teeth in Your Mouth Must Do Extra Work


With Tons of Amenities and A Family-Friendly Environment, A Friendly Face Will Always Be There to Answer Your Questions About Treatment and Guide You Through the Process of Transforming Your Smile!

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