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Why Does My Child Need to See the Dentist Regularly?

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The Top 4 Reasons You Should Consider Regular Oral Health Care Visits For Your Child Are:

  1. The American Academy of  Pediatric Dentistry recommends it! –  The AAPD recommends your child be seen at the time their first tooth comes in or his/her first birthday.
  2. Encouragement and Positive Relationship with a our Dentist – We have no shame in bribing your child to love coming and getting their teeth cleaned 🙂 We want them to love visiting and getting rewards for properly taking care of their teeth. That way, if treatment is ever needed, we can make sure they have already had great appointments under their belt.
  3. Parent Education – We encourage our Celina parents as well, as they are a crucial in preventing cavities in toddlers. 

    Pediatric patients that start early and come consistently establish trust with Dr. Rouse and have proper oral health instilled in their routine, leading to a smile that will last for a lifetime.

  4. Child Oral Hygiene – With Show-and-Tell Techniques, we go above-and-beyond with our Pediatric Patients teaching your little boy or girl about HOW to brush during 2 minutes twice per day.

Why Should I Choose Open Late Dentistry and Orthodontics for My Child's Pediatric Care?

#1 Reason...A Name You Can Trust!

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We Save You MONEY!

By maximizing insurance benefits and with an In-House Membership, we pass the savings along to our patients! 

And with multiple financing options, we make it easy to say yes to keeping your child’s teeth healthy and straight.

Financial Options

We Save You TIME!

By keeping Pediatric care In-House (Excluding Pediatric Hospital or Oral Sedation), we save you time by being able to see families in each treatment room, saving multiple trips to the dentist


With Before and After Photos of any treatment and plaque removal, we can show you what dental treatment we have performed, rather than just telling you.


Have issues along the way? We are right next door, Celina Neighbor!

Big-City TECHNOLOGY in Your Back Yard

We use large TVs, Intraoral Photography and the latest teaching aids to give your child personal oral hygiene instruction that is suited to you!

What Should I Expect for My Child's Regular Dental Visits?

A checkup and cleaning appointment involves two parts – inspecting your teeth and oral tissues for signs of trouble, and thoroughly cleaning away harmful oral bacteria that are often the causes of such trouble.

During your visit, your dentist will look closely at your teeth, gums, and oral tissues, occasionally taking digital X-ray images to update your records or to help diagnose a dental condition more accurately.

Every visit also includes a comprehensive oral cancer screening, which involves a thorough visual inspection of your oral tissues as well as the use of a digital intraoral camera to see hard-to-spot areas up close, and in high definition.

We’ll also gently but effectively clean away harmful oral bacteria (plaque and tartar) from your teeth surfaces and gum line, then polish your teeth to boost their enamel’s ability to ward of bacteria in the future.

As your child grows and continues to return to Open Late Dentistry and Orthodontics, we work them through the steps of a cleaning and introduce them to some of the special instruments we use BEFORE they ever get any “Big Girl/Boy” cleanings done like Mom/Dad.

We want them to see what we see and learn how we work as a team to prevent getting dental treatment TOGETHER, through great at-home techniques and regular visits to their friendly dental office.

For example, one of the most important ways to keep your teeth consistently healthy is to brush and floss away plaque and food particles from their surfaces every day.

Another important routine is visiting your dentist at least once every six months for routine checkup and cleaning appointments.

Preventive checkups and cleanings involve professionally cleaning away traces of plaque and tartar (calcified plaque) from your teeth and gums, as well as thoroughly checking for warning signs of any dental diseases already developing.

If necessary, we can provide a comprehensive diagnosis and choice of appropriate treatments designed according to your unique needs.

Pediatric Dental Visit F.A.Q.'s

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