Stop Tooth Destruction With Precision Made Appliances When You Most Active and When You Sleep

Why Would I Need a Night Guard or a Sports Guard?

Two words: Clenching and Grinding (Bruxism)

Clenching: Clenching is NOT side-to-side movement of the teeth causing wear, but the STATIC HOLDING of the teeth together for periods of time with excessive force.

Signs That You Clench Your Teeth
1. Additional growths of bone called “Tori” (See Diagram)
2. Pot holes in the back teeth called “Wear Facets”
3. Fractures in multiple teeth with existing silver fillings
4. Abfraction Lesions (or V-Shaped Notches at the Gumline)
5. Muscle Pain at the Temples or the Angle of the Jaw

Grinding (Bruxism): Bruxism is the chronic, unconscious grinding of your teeth that can result from a number of different factors. 

Signs That You Are Grinding (Bruxing) Your Teeth

1. TMJ disorder, which stands for temporomandibular joint disorder.

2. Damage, dislocation, inflammation, or other discrepancies with your jaw joints.

3. Bite imbalances that causes the bite on one side of the mouth to be higher than the other.

4. Excessive wear on the tips of the canines, causing a worn appearance.

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For Patients That Struggle Sleeping With Full Nightguards, We Make Smaller Version

Am I a Candidate for a Night Guard or Sports Guard?

If you answer, “YES” to any of the following, you may be a candidate for a Night Guard/Sports Guard

1. Do you grind your teeth at night or suffer from muscle tension? 

2. Do you wake up with headaches? 

3. (In regards to your Teen) Does your teen play a high school sport like Volleyball or Soccer where they clecnch/grind their teeth?

For instance, if your teeth and jawbone are misaligned, then the imbalance in your bite might make your jaw joints and muscles uncomfortable, causing them to shift uncomfortably and force your teeth together. 

Other factors, such as increased levels of stress and damage to your jaw joint, can also contribute to chronic bruxism. 

If you catch yourself grinding your teeth more often than you’re comfortable with, or if your dentist notices signs of wear and damage during your checkup and cleaning appointment, then you may be suffering from bruxism. 

If so, then you might require a custom-designed appliance to protect your teeth.

In addition, trauma from sports is very common. 

Highly rigorous team activities like Soccer, Basketball, and Football tend to be the leading cause of dental trauma in addition to bicycle and skateboarding accidents. 

That is why we custom fabricate our Sports Guards. 

And now with the 3M TRIOS Scanner at our office, getting the perfect fit from a night guard has never been easier. 

We digitally design your night guard or sports guard by taking a scan of your upper and lower teeth and leaving the dental materials out of your mouth. 

After you leave, we take over the rest. We digitally design the thickness and occlusion, or bite while you are out of the office. 


What Does Bruxism Mean?

Clenching and grinding your teeth isn’t automatically a sign of bruxism. On the contrary, bruxism describes the constant and often unconscious grinding of your teeth. 

For many patients, it occurs only or mostly at night, making it more difficult to detect. Therefore, you may not realize that you have bruxism until the condition leads to extensive tooth damage, or worse. 

If left untreated, the pressure of your bite can end up destroying one or more of your teeth. 

Fortunately, most patients can benefit from a custom-designed bruxism appliance that fits comfortably over their teeth, protecting them from the friction of grinding against each other.

Why Would I Need a Custom Made Night Guard / Sports Guard?

We Save You TIME!

All we need is a scan of your teeth and your second visit can be as easy as curb side pickup


Our hospitality will put as big of a smile on your face as your finished result.

From the moment you start the process, a friendly Celina face will always be there to answer your questions about treatment and guide you through the process of maintaining your smile


Using our 3D Scanner In-House, we scan your teeth so your Night Guard needs minimal to no adjustments on delivery day.

The fit around each tooth is customized during the milling process so you can get a good fit from your Night Guard and feel comfortable while you sleep so that your appliance will stay in your mouth all night long. 


Have issues along the way? We are right next door, Celina Neighbor! If you need an adjustment to your Night Guard, we can get you in.

Big-City TECHNOLOGY in Your Back Yard

We use 3D Scanners to achieve an amazing fit from a digital file that is emailed to be an exact representation of your teeth

Night Guard / Sports Guard F.A.Q.'s

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