Cephalometric X-rays Help!

Cephalometric X-rays: Hey Celina, and Prosper.

This is Dr. Rouse with Open Late Dentistry excited to talk to you guys today again about Orthodontics and cephalometric x-rays or “cephs” as they’re called.

This is a fancy machine behind me.

And that is why I am standing here like this to show you guys a sort of what this machine can do, what it’s capable of, and definitely

how it will help you get the smile that you’ve always been looking for.

If you’re trying and attempting DIY Orthodontics with a lot of the competitors that I’m sure that you’ve heard out there where you’re just having stuff shipped to you. 

Give us a call, because I think today you’ll be convinced that this is definitely something that you’re going to want to take into consideration

when you’re having your orthodontist or dentist or whoever treatment plan, what’s going to get you to best smile that you’ve ever had. 

And x-rays are a big part of that diagnosis, and making sure that we come up with the right plan is really really important. 

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Today I wanted to show you the advantage of being able to sort of see what we want to accomplish with someone’s smile before we even get started. 

This is something that we offer at our office, and comes standard on every case that we do. 

So that, we can ensure that we’re You know doing everything we can possibly before we even start to get the best possible result. 

These are a couple of examples. 

The one on the left here whether or not you can read x-rays, this person’s lower jaw is way back. So we would typically call that like an overbite, right.

Sometimes you can have an overbite, because of your teeth, and sometimes you can have an overbite because of your chin or the bones of the face.

And this why we really really harp on trying to get kiddos in here as soon as possible, because when their bone is soft and their face we can do a lot to fix that

And correct that while they’re developing rather than waiting until you’re an adult.

However, if you are an adult there are a lot of options out there. there are a lot of great ways to you know, prevent having to have surgeries to try to correct this as an adult. 

Obviously is, you know, something that a lot of people may know the shorter your face is the more of an overbite you have, a lot of times it’s a harder for you to breathe at night when you’re asleep. 

Sometimes tonsils and adenoids and Things become a problem. So please, we’re a big fan of what some people have called Airway Odontics.

which is just basically trying to make sure there’s enough room for your tongue so that you can breathe well at night. 

Basically a ceph though is a 2D image of a 3D object. 

So your you are a 3D object whether you may know that or not, I’m sure you do,

but the 2D Image that we take is literally just a profile shot of your face to compare where your upper jaw sets in relation to your lower jaw.

and there’s a lot of other things a little markers that we have all of us do for the way God made us that help us determine you know.

how are we going to best get a bite that looks symmetrical, that looks perfect in line with the rest of your face so,

you can have perfectly straight teeth, which you also want that to look. check for Cephalometric X-rays.

Proportionate to the rest of your face. 

So and then that image on the right that you’re seeing comes from, you know a machine that’s like ours the CBCT is just a fancy way of saying it’s a it’s a 3D x-ray.

That’s what we call it. So hopefully that makes it a little bit easier with Ceph.

We are again here to surround you make sure that you’re getting the treatment done, and that you’re not alone. 

We really want you to feel like you have a team of people around you, That want you to be successful, and we pride ourselves on that.

Our phone number is 972-885-9670. We really want to hear from you soon again in the coronavirus era now. 

We are offering things like curbside pickup for your aligners, and just trying to limit the number of times you have to come to the dental office.  Check now Cephalometric X-rays.

We are offering free orthodontic consultations

So please take advantage of that. If you’re just wanting to have somebody take a look-see and you know spit ball ideas.

With you about how we can get the smile that you’ve always wanted to come by and see me.

I would love to chat with you and love to talk to you more about it. 

And again, we are offering $1,000 off clear aligners. Please check out our other videos, and cannot wait to talk to you again soon. Yoy all take care Celina and prosper.

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