Dentist in Celina, TX gives 5 Criteria for Ranking The Right Dentist For You

Consider These 5 Questions When Looking for Your Next Local Dentist in Celina, Texas

What is the cost if I do not have dental insurance in Celina, TX?

If you are a dental patient paying cash, you will want to ask if there are in-house memberships or what the cost is for an exam, dental x-rays, and a cleaning. Most offices have a set price if you do not need a deep cleaning.

What are the hours of your Celina, TX Dentist or Dental Clinic?

If you are working a job or have children that need to stay in school, an office that can serve you after hours may be best. It is also best for the office to ensure you can keep appointments that you make and not reschedule.

Where are you located? Are you in Celina, Texas?

Most patients travel less than 5 miles to visit their dentist. Make sure to use Google Maps or ask about local landmarks to find out if the dentist is close enough that you can see them after work or school hours.

What services does the office NOT provide?

Some offices refer certain procedures. Be sure to research the dental office’s list of services. If your insurance covers a procedure, certain dentists will refer out for a procedure they do not have the equipment for or feel is too complex, leading to more chair time for you.

Is your Celina, TX dental clinic Privately Owned?

Some dental offices are owned by an individual and some are owned by more than one person. Some are part of what is known as a D.S.O. (or dental service organization). It is best to find out if the doctor is one of many or if they are the same provider yeilding the procedure if it is completed on another day.

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