Brackets and wire versus Clear trays…which is faster ?

At Open Late Dentistry and Orthodontics, in Celina, Texas, We provide Boss Aligners, which are our version of clear orthodontic trays that straighten your teeth, similar to Invisalign or something else that you might have heard that is a “do-it-yourself” approach.

but we are trying to explain the value of having a provider that walks alongside you during the process, and today I wanted to compare that to what I get a lot of questions about, which is traditional bracket and wires versus aligners.

Especially Moms of teens want to know the cost and time difference.

So just wanted to do a quick disclaimer here that the time and the money between the two whatever you’re trying to achieve in the end; it will end up being something similar, in terms of treatment time. So how many months? 

You just can’t force teeth to move any quicker than, you know, what god gave you, so the bone may be a little bit different. 

Some people may have stronger bone than others, but in the end it’s still, or just a range of time and that’s how we know when we’re going to get done. 

The real question is how much time will you be spending IN our office? THAT IS WHERE THE REAL DIFFERENCE LIES.

If you’re doing clear trays; you are able and I have a whole video called tracking, but that basically is where you’re sending in pictures to us, and communicating with us using gizmos and gadgets to see what you’re doing at home,

so we can let you know if you really need to come into the office or not. 

We offer the curbside pickup, so you can come by and just get your next set of trays as long as you’re tracking correctly. 

You don’t have to step foot inside of our office. If you are doing bracket and wire, and you are a parent that is at all concerned with your kiddos gums. 

Then I strongly recommend you get just bracket and wire, we know when we’re going to be done and that’s what happens. If you want that perfect A+ smile, that’s usually also bracket and wire.

You just can’t beat it. That’s why it’s traditional orthodontics and I will say that the clear aligner therapy where you doing those clear trays gets you to an A a lot of times, but if you want an A++, or you’re that kind of person that is really in it to win it.

and you’ll go the extra couple months if you needed to, or you’ll do whatever it takes just to have the perfect, perfect, smile then come on and see us, and we are here for you to.. 

Just know that we’re probably going to steer you towards that traditional orthodontics. 

Wanted to go through a couple of slides here, with the coronavirus factor that is, you know, it is a determining factor for some people on whether or not, and again, we, you know, adhere to all like COVID-19 standards. 

We have the PPE, we have the masks. We’ve had the gowns, we’ve got everything, but we want to make sure that you are stepping foot in our office, you know, as little as possible. 

So we do offer a curbside pickup. We offer just connecting through you as much possible through the phone, and through email, and everything like that. 

If you need an additional scan with our 3D scanner, or if you need an additional scan in your mouth, and I have videos on that with the scanner that we have to make the trays and send them off, then we will ask you to come back into the office. 

So bracket and wires, just be prepared every 4 to 6 to 8 weeks, depending on who you are. We’re going to get you coming back to see us to get your wires tightened up, and to keep your teeth moving in the correct direction; it is just a no-brainer. 

So in the end, you’re going to get a beautiful smile and something that you’re really proud of.

It’s just you know, which method are we going to take to get there? So I wanted to do another quick slide here on “if you’re the parent of a teen”. 

Please take a look at your teen’s gums. If we’re doing cleanings and I asked the hygienist I say, you know, “how is your son or daughter doing?” and they’re not getting an A on their gums, or even a B, just know that I’m going to steer you towards doing the traditional Ortho.

because I know that I can have that set amount of time, and I don’t have to worry about, you know, having your kid getting gunk in their trays and stuff like that.

It’s just not great, you know for me to be able to tell you, “hey, this is how many months I think it’s going to be” and then for it to not be that way. 

So yeah, and we really want your team to be part of that as well. 

But you know, sometimes we have to be realistic. 

So let’s make sure that we finish on time. Let’s make sure that no matter what it takes; you’re getting the smile that you deserve, and that makes you feel great and very confident. 

I did want to, you know, encourage you to take a look at our other video in the series about virtual tracking; you can always pause this and just take a look at those four photos if you wanted to.

but we want to make sure that your teen, or you are tracking properly so you finish on time with the virtual law… with the clear aligners. So if you’re doing that virtually, this is what it should look like. 

And again, we have free orthodontic consultations. If you want to come in, we’d love to meet you, love to take some photos for you, show you exactly what we could do. 

It’s 972-885-9670. Hope you all have a great day. It’s again a beautiful day. It is summertime in Texas. So it’s very hot, but I’m inside the truck here making videos. 

So I hope to see you all at the office soon. 

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